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WISTA USA PNW – Lunch & Learn: Five Tenets of Workplace Culture for Gender Equity

March 29, 2019

Since February is a short month, we decided to squeeze two meetings into March. On March 29th (12-1:30, Holland America Group, 450 3rd Ave W, Seattle), we are really excited to offer another workshop – this time with Sara Sanford, Executive Director of Gender Equity Now. Sara’s team has developed the first certification to meet standards across five tenets of workplace culture for gender equity, similar to a LEED or Green Marine certification in structure. Sara was one of the most popular speaker’s at this year’s TedX Seattle (a link to her talk is below).

Here is a summary of the workshop in Sara’s words:

So far, approaches to workplace equity have been scattered and progress has stalled. U.S. businesses spend $8 billion each year on trainings that don’t work and actually backfire. The cycle of recruiting women, asking them to Lean In, and conducting diversity trainings misses a crucial understanding of the problem: It’s not personal. It’s systemic.

In general, there is a lack of clarity over what works – what behaviors, mechanics, and processes should be tracked to catalyze progress towards workplace equity. GEN has identified these systems and created the first standardized certification for gender equity in U.S. businesses, giving businesses a step-by-step playbook for achieving measurable progress.

In this 90-minute session with Sara Sanford, Executive Director of GEN, attendees will become familiar with an equity maturity model that quantitatively defines what equity looks like and identifies cultural levers that can be adjusted to create systemic change. This is not a training on personal behaviors. It is an opportunity to plan for equity like any other critical business function, identify measurable opportunities for improvement, and implement sustainable cost-effective solutions that yield social and financial returns.

If you would like a preview, Sara Sanford’s TEDx Talk speaks to the power of changing mechanics rather than mindsets.

#NotATraining: It’s Not Personal. It’s Systemic.

To register for this session, please RSVP to wistapnw@gmail.com by COB, March 27th with any dietary restrictions.

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