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WISTA USA NY/NJ – Spring into Movement Challenge & Fundraiser for Seafarers International House

April 17, 2021 to April 25, 2021

Last year, WISTA FL participated in a movement challenge/fundraiser for Seafarers.  This year they invited WISTA NY/NJ to join them BUT also challenged us to a competition.  So let’s get moving and raise money for Seafarers International House.  AND LET’S WIN!

To celebrate seafarers we are inviting you to a “1.6 for Seafarers” movement challenge in honor of the 1.6 million seafarers around the world!  Your support will help provide care and comfort to seafarers by raising funds for Seafarers International House.

How to Spring Into Movement for Seafarers:

Step 1: Visit the Seafarers International House website https://www.sihnyc.org/ and click DONATE.  Registration is $16 and all proceeds support Seafarers International House (but please feel free to donate more!)

Step 2: Send us an email at WISTANYNJ@gmail.com with your name and donation info and we will email you back a confirmation and your bib for the challenge! (This is a new email & you will start to see more emails from that address.)

Step3: Move 1.6 any way you choose wherever you can and when you can between April 17 and April 25.  This is a virtual event so you can participate virtually anywhere!

Step 4: Share pictures of your challenge on social media with the hashtags #wistanynj #movementchallenge #wistausa #wista #seafarershouse and/or #seafarersarekeyworkers.  We’ll share and promote your posts.

You can choose to move in so many different ways!  How will you participate?

  • Walk/Run/Paddleboard 1.6 miles
  • Do 1.6 hours of yoga
  • Swim 1600 meters
  • Play 1.6 hours of tennis or basketball
  • Practice your drive by hitting 16 golf balls
  • Do 16 burpees, pullups or pushups
  • Or do something that works for you!

Challenge your officemates, team, your family or yourself to get moving in support of the 1.6 seafarers who move the world and show your appreciation for these incredible men and women who deserve it now more than ever!

Let’s finish strong!


Christina Liviakis Gianopulos & Hara Gisholt, Co-Presidents, WISTA NY/NJ

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