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WISTA USA – LIVE Peloton Ride

March 28, 2020

Dear WISTA members,

Reality is setting in and it really isn’t much fun, amiright?  The work for many of us hasn’t stopped–in fact, it seems to have ramped up significantly–and the additional stress of social distancing and keeping ourselves and our families safe, healthy, and sane is mounting.

Last Saturday, about 11 WISTA members in the US, plus a few friends from Europe, got together for a crazy-hard live 45-minute HIIT & Hills Peloton ride with Olivia Amato.  I barely survived,  but am so massively inspired by my fellow fierce WISTA friends that I’m ready to do it again!  How about YOU?

Please join us this Saturday, March 28th for a 30-minute Pop Ride with the fabulous Cody Rigsby!  This is a LIVE class that starts at 10:00am EDT / 7:00am PDT.  I hope that’s not too early for our WC gals to join, but if anything can get you out of bed early on a Saturday, surely it’s our main man Cody, right?  RIGHT??  And if 30 minutes isn’t enough, Cody will be leading a 20-minute live Pop Ride starting at 10:35am EDT, after which “some” of us may need a saline IV.

If you’re on the WISTA International Facebook group–and again, if you aren’t, you should be!–you’ve probably gotten more than a few chuckles out of the discussion between we few, we proud, we Peloton crazies.  The before-and-after pics were almost worth the price of admission. I’ll be sure to post this info there, as well.

So please mark your calendars and JOIN US.  It’s just one small way we can make our social distancing more social, maintain and strengthen the bonds between us, and help one another get through this challenging time.  If you do join us, please be sure to change your location to #wistarides.  

Also, if you’d like to know my Peloton handle, please email me.  Another way we can keep encouraging one another.

I very much look forward to seeing many of you there!  Last week, we had a “flock”–this week, let’s make it a SWARM.

Warmest regards,


Parker Harrison

President, WISTA USA

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